Features of Internal Grinding

Main features of internal grinding
The main purpose and scope of internal grinding is to grind the inner diameter of rolling bearings, the outer ring raceways of tapered roller bearings and the outer ring raceways of roller bearings with ribs. The inner diameter range of the ring to be processed is 150~240mm, which is suitable for the bearing industry of mass production.

Internal grinding - CNC Machining Rapid Solution

Let’s take a look at the main features of internal grinding
   1. When grinding the inner diameter of the bearing ring, use the instrument to measure the grinding. When grinding the outer ring raceway of the roller bearing, the dimensional accuracy requirement is reduced, and the fixed-range grinding is selected. cnc machining part

2. The internal grinding process has two measurement methods to control the dimensional accuracy of the fixed range and inductance meter measurement, which can be pre-selected and used according to needs.

3. The hydraulic oil tank is separated from the bed for internal grinding, which reduces the thermal deformation of the internal grinding and improves the working accuracy of the internal grinding.

4. Both the reciprocating system of the internal grinding processing table and the headbox feed system adopt precise pre-tightened, sufficiently rigid cross roller guides, with low friction resistance, stable operation, high frequency, long life, and compact structure . cnc machined 
5. The internal grinding process adopts the grinding process of externally positioned grinding hole diameter, adopts single-pole electromagnetic centerless clamp, and uses multi-point contact floating support to position the workpiece for grinding, so that the grinding precision is high and the positioning is stable and reliable. Good adjustability.
6. The internal grinding process is separately controlled by multiple solenoid valves. When the working state is manually adjusted, each action of the internal grinding process can be single-acted, and the internal grinding process has a manual mechanism, so the internal grinding process It is very convenient to adjust, check and eliminate hydraulic faults.

Mechanical characteristics of CNC internal grinder processing
There are many types of internal cylindrical grinders, including ordinary internal grinders, centerless internal grinders, centered internal grinders, planetary internal grinders, coordinate grinders and specialized internal grinders, vertical internal grinders, and horizontal internal grinders. Cylindrical grinder and CNC internal grinder processing.

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General CNC internal grinding machines are mainly used for grinding the inner holes and end faces of pot teeth and large bearing rings to ensure the accuracy of the inner holes and end faces.
The mechanical characteristic of CNC internal grinding machine processing is that the parts are imported from Germany or Japan, so the production cost is relatively high, but the efficiency is proportional to it; the processing technology level of CNC internal grinding machine has reached the level of imported similar grinding machines, but the price It is 60% of imported similar grinders. Although the price is significantly higher than domestic grinders, the quality is also much higher than domestic CNC internal grinders; CNC internal grinders are suitable for processing high-precision and large-volume parts and have the quality and efficiency of imported similar CNC internal grinders; Cylindrical grinder processing can solve most of the difficult-to-grind parts problems for each customer, and can realize a complete set of grinding processing solutions, and complete the processing problems related to internal cylindrical grinding in one stop. metal part


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