Hardinge Introduces New Bridgeport V1320 Milling Solutions


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Introduces the Bridgeport® V-1320 Vertical Machining Center. As an addition to its Bridgeport V-series Vertical Milling center line, the new V1320 is the best overall working cube in its class, offering a high quality, rugged and powerful machine center developed for tough machining applications that is well suited for high speed and hard metal cutting conditions.

The V1320 is a state of the art Advanced Performance CNC Machining Center at the top of the Hardinge Milling product line, says Michael Marshall, Hardinge's Global Milling Product Manager. "Our machine centers provide not only highly accurate and precision detailed parts in the aerospace and medical industries but also the robustness to handle the demanding day to day operations in the automotive industry."

The new machine is a fully digital, high-quality machine tool, designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the job shop, OEM, aerospace, automotive, energy and other demanding markets. V1320 features include:



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Post time: Jul-15-2019
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