What is the relationship between the machining accuracy of the mould in CNC machining center?

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In the process of machining mold, machining center has higher and higher requirements for accuracy and surface machining quality. In order to ensure the machining quality of mold, we should consider the selection of machine tool, tool handle, tool, machining scheme, program generation, operator requirements, etc.
1. Select high precision and high speed machining center
With the improvement of product design requirements and the development of high-speed and high-precision machining technology, the quality of die NC machining is greatly improved, the machining speed of die is greatly increased, the machining process is reduced, the production cycle and clamping times of die are shortened, and sometimes the time-consuming fitter repair work can be eliminated. The high-speed and high-precision machining of mold has gradually become one of the important contents of the technological transformation of mold production enterprises. It is inevitable that the high-speed CNC machining center will replace the traditional low-speed machining, and the development of mold manufacturing technology will also bring us more rich product experience. cnc machining part


2. Adopt appropriate handle structure
The use of high-speed and high-precision machining center will also drive the renewal of relevant process equipment. In particular, the influence of tool on NC machining quality and tool handle will become prominent. In the rotary tool machining system, the chuck is closely connected with the machine tool (or its combination) to ensure the realization of tool machining performance. Generally, there are two types of interfaces between the machine tool and the tool shank, HSK hollow tool shank and BT tool shank. The taper of the interface between the spindle and the taper shank of BT tool holder is 24:7. The traditional low-speed machining is suitable to use this kind of tool holder connection mode. Because BT tool holder and the spindle of the machine tool are only taper fit, the taper fit clearance will increase under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, thus affecting the quality of NC machining. Generally, when the spindle speed exceeds 16000 rpm, we will need to use HSK hollow handle. The HSK tool bar positioning structure is over positioning, which provides standard connection with the machine tool. Under the action of machine tool tension, it can ensure that the short cone and end face of the tool bar are closely matched with the machine tool. plastic part


3. Select the appropriate cutting tool
The reasonable use and selection of cutting tools will be an important factor affecting the quality of NC machining. Cemented carbide tools are more and more widely used. In high-speed machining, coating cemented carbide will replace most of the steel cutting tools, including reamers, ball cutters, boring cutters and other simple tools. Coating cemented carbide will play an important role in high-speed machining tool materials, and be applied to most of the conventional machining fields. aluminum part
In general, we know that in rough machining, we will select large diameter cutters for machining. In order to save cost and reduce the manufacturing difficulty of cutters, we will use machine clamped carbide blades to make rough machining as much as possible to remove chips; in semi-fine machining, we will use high-speed and high feed inserts to make semi-fine machining move faster; in fine machining, we will try to use high-precision round head mirror blades as hard as possible. The quality alloy cutter bar ensures the strength of the cutter and the cutter bar, which can save the expensive cost of selecting the whole alloy cutter while maintaining the machining accuracy. In the process of machining, we also need to pay attention to that the radius of the inner contour fillet on the finished part must be greater than or equal to the radius of the tool, and the tool with radius less than the radius of the corner corner shall be selected for machining in the way of arc interpolation or diagonal interpolation, so as to avoid over cutting phenomenon caused by linear interpolation and ensure the quality of die finishing.


4. CNC process plan
In the high-speed and high-precision machining, the importance of the design of NC process plan has been raised to a higher position. The whole process of machining must be controlled. Any mistake will have a serious impact on the quality of the mold, so the process plan will play a decisive role in the machining quality. If you want to learn UG programming, you can add small editing center qq1139746274 (wechat same number) to NC machining process design, which can be considered as the state control of a system process plan from part blank to part machining and forming room. A good process plan is difficult in the whole design process. It needs to be obtained after continuous practice summary and modification. In the design process, a lot of information should be considered, and the relationship between information is extremely complex, which must be guaranteed by the actual work experience of the program designer. Therefore, the design quality of process plan mainly depends on the experience and level of technical personnel.

Generally, a complete NC machining process planning includes the following contents:

1) selection of CNC machine tools.
2) selection of processing method.
3) determine the clamping method of parts and select the clamps.
4) positioning method.
5) inspection requirements and methods.
6) select the tool.
7) error control and tolerance control in machining.
8) define numerical control process.
9) numerical control sequence.
10) selection of cutting parameters.
11) prepare numerical control process program list.


5.CAM software

A good software can also improve the quality and efficiency of mold processing, such as Unigraphics and cimiamtron, which are very good mold processing software, especially two kinds of software rich and practical different processing strategies, which are widely used in NC milling programming, machining programming, WEDM programming, and so on. The quality and efficiency of NC machining are greatly improved by complementing each other. High. If you want to learn UG programming, you can add qq1139746274 (wechat with the same number) cimiamtron to remove the rough machining in the offset area and add the screw function, which will make the actual cutting more stable, eliminate the sudden change of feed direction between adjacent tool paths, reduce the acceleration and deceleration of cutting feed, maintain a more stable cutting load, extend the tool life, and play a very important role in the machine tool. Good protection.
Software is only a tool. An excellent programmer has rich experience and theoretical knowledge in field machining. At the same time, the NC program designer who is proficient in software functions is the decisive factor in mold NC machining and plays a key role in the quality and efficiency of NC machining. Therefore, a perfect training system for programmers should be established. First of all, designers should practice for a period of time in the CNC operation post, and only after passing the strict operation examination can they carry out the design training of CNC program. In order to ensure the quality of NC machining, it is necessary to have a good NC program.


6. Operator
The operator of machining center is the executor of NC machining, and their control of NC machining quality is also very obvious. They know the real-time status of machine tool, tool handle, tool, processing technology, software and cutting parameters in the process of processing tasks. Their operations have the most direct impact on NC processing. Therefore, the skill and responsibility of the machining center operators are also the key factors to improve the quality of NC processing.
Conclusion: Although hardware equipment such as machining center is very important, talent is the decisive factor affecting the quality of NC machining, because the professional ethics, skill level and post responsibility of programmers and machine operators determine how effective various advanced equipment can play. We must pay attention to all aspects of the processing, especially the human factors, so that the NC machining center mold processing more and more widely.


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