Wire cutting CAXA software drawing programming

Not only high-end machine tools, in fact, the design software is also a foreign brand CAD software that has been monopolizing the domestic market. As early as 1993, China had more than 300 scientific research teams developing CAD software, and CAXA was one of them.  aluminum part

When domestic counterparts chose secondary development, Lei Yi chose to develop a technology platform with independent intellectual property rights and two-dimensional CAD software, which helped CAXA later break the pattern of foreign CAD software monopolizing the market, and became a market share of 18.5%. The first local brand has laid the foundation. cnc

Wire Custting Process
Wire Custting Process-2

After several years of development, it is not easy for domestic software to achieve such results. At present, CAXA has 25,000 corporate users, covering companies such as China Erzhong, PetroChina, North Benz, Gree, XAC International, Panasonic and other companies, involving equipment, automobiles, aerospace, defense and military industry, electronic appliances and other industries. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other provinces occupy a solid market. CAXA has the leading position in domestic industrial software. CAXA's market share is also far ahead in domestic industrial software.

Speaking of the application of CAXA on-line cutting machine.

The advantage of the CAXA wire-cut version is that the spline curve can be created, and the generated code generated by complex graphics is more accurate than AUTOP, and can be used in systems above win98, and it has similar operability and ease of operation with AUTO CAD. Good compatibility, graphics conversion is very good.
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