Customers from Europe visited Anebon

The purpose of Alex’s visit is to talk to us about improving the product. Jason personally went to the airport to pick him up to our company. After a formal visit to the company. Jason and Alex have a period of discussion.Finally we reached a consensus. Also Jason introduced him to many local customs and features.


Alex said that he is very satisfied with this trip, which makes us more certain about the importance of service and quality, we will continue to strengthen and improve to meet or exceed customer requirements and meet customers.


Anebon Customer-2


Anebon هڪ CNC صنعت ۽ ڌاتو جي چادر ڪو هٿرادو صحبت، CNC مشيني خدمتون شامل آهن، CNC ملنگ خدمتن، CNC رخ خدمتن، ليزر جي ذريعي ڪٽڻ جي خدمتن ۽ خدمتن جي نقاشي آهي. اسان کي سڏيو + 86-13509836707 يا اسان جي اي ميل   پنهنجي منصوبن لاء وڌيڪ discounts لاء.


Post time: Dec-22-2019