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خدمت وابستگي

اسان کي جمود مشڪل ۽ لاڳيتو ڇا ممڪن آهي جو حدون ڏيئي روانا جي اهميت کي سمجھڻ جي. اسان ± طول جي 0،01 100MM في طور تنگ طور tolerances لاء ڪم باقي tighter tolerances انجنيئرنگ مواد جي ڪافي مستحڪم، غلبو ڏنوسون گريڊ سان ئي ممڪن آهي. سڌائي CNC machined حصن رواج ظاهر له خريدار کي تعمير ڪري سگهجي ٿو.

اسان جي باري ۾

Anebon was founded in 2010. Our team is specializing in the design, production and sales of the hardware industry. And We have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We have advanced, efficient and high standard machines from Japan, including various CNC milling and turning machines, surface grinder, internal and plain grinder, Wedmls, Wedmhs ect. And we also have the most advanced testing equipment. Parts with tolerances up to ±0.002mm can be supported.

اسان جو فائدو


Service commitmentllllll, High quality and efficiency, Patience and enthusiasm, Until the user is satisfied we will ensure that the products. We bring will be delivered to the designated place according to customer's requirements.

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