Most factories understand hard rails and linear rails: if they are used to make products, they buy linear rails; if they are processing molds, they buy hard rails. The accuracy of the linear rails is higher than that of the hard rails, but the hard rails are more durable. cnc machining part

1。素材が均一ではありません。 一般的に鋳造されているため、砂の混入、気孔率、材料の緩みなどの鋳造欠陥が発生しやすくなります。 これらの欠陥がガイドレール表面に存在する場合、ガイドレールの耐用年数と工作機械の精度に悪影響を及ぼします。
2.このタイプのガイドレールは、通常、ベース、支柱、作業台、サドルなどの工作機械の主要部品に接続されているため、処理がより困難になります。 そのため、加工工程においては、形状・位置公差、粗さ要件、適時性などの加工・焼入れ等の工程管理が困難であり、部品の加工品質が組立要件を満たせない場合があります。
3. It is difficult to assemble. The word "assembly" means to assemble as well as to assemble, and the matching process is a process of combining technology and physical strength. It cannot be done by ordinary workers. It requires a relative quantity of skills. CNC machining & Milling machine tools can only be completed by assembly workers who are quite sure of the overall accuracy. At the same time, it also needs to be equipped with a blade, flat ruler, square ruler, square ruler, dial indicator, dial indicator and other corresponding tools to complete it.
4. The service life is not long. This can only be done in relative terms. Under the same maintenance and use conditions, the service life of common hard rails is less than the service life of linear rails, which is very much related to their movement methods. In terms of friction, the hard rail runs under sliding friction, while the linear rail runs under rolling friction. In terms of friction, the friction on the hard rail is much greater than the friction on the linear rail, especially in lubrication. In the case of insufficient, the friction of the hard rail is even worse. machined part
5.メンテナンス費用が高すぎる。 ハードレールのメンテナンスは、難易度とメンテナンスコストの点でリニアレールのメンテナンスよりもはるかに多くなります。 削り取りマージンが不十分な場合は、工作機械の大部分をすべて解体する必要があります。 再硬化と機械加工、または大部分の再鋳造でさえ、ワイヤーゲージは対応するワイヤーレールと交換するだけでよく、関連する大部分の使用に大きな影響を与えることはありません。
6. The running speed of the machine tool is low. Because of the way of movement and the friction that the hard rail bears is too large, it usually cannot bear the running speed too fast. This is contrary to the current processing concept. In particular, many factory workers do not have the corresponding maintenance knowledge of machine tools. Many times they only know the use of machine tools, but to a large extent ignore the maintenance of machine tools. The maintenance of machine tool tracks is the most important thing. Once the track is not sufficiently lubricated, It will cause the track to burn or wear out, which is fatal to the accuracy of the Precision CNC machined. aluminum part

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