Automotive Industry

We have produced a wide variety of automotive parts including die molds, drive trains, pistons, camshafts, turbo chargers, and aluminum wheels. Our lathes are popular in automotive manufacturing due to their two turrets and 4-axis configuration, which consistently provides high accuracy and powerful machining.


Because today’s medical equipment, implants and parts are often extremely small and highly detailed and it needs high quality, dependable and safe parts and products so they can provide healthier and happier lives to all. As an ISO9001: 2015 certified company with a professional and efficient environment. We always provide precision and safe parts for the medical industry

Medical Industry


Consumer Parts

With the development of electronic parts processing technology, CNC machining parts and CNC machining services have many advantages in the electronics industry.

Because a large part of the electronics industry requires CNC services and demands high tolerances and stability for small parts. And Anebon can provide you with a production capacity of 1,000,000 / pcs per month.


We understand aerospace components need to be made with the most precise accuracy and the highest quality materials. Our CNC engineers are guaranteed to manufacture your part according to your requirements. The advanced technology needed to manufacture OEM aerospace parts requires the tightest tolerances and best precision machines and Anebon is the best machine shop for the job.

Aerospace Industry

Custom Enclosure

Precision Enclosure

For many years, we have provided customized enclosure services for all industries, whether it is rackmounts, U and L shapes, consoles and consolets. The appearance and the accuracy requirements of appearance parts are extremely high, so you need a experienced sheet metal shell manufacturer like Anebon to serve you.


In the marine industry, there is a great demand for high-quality precision parts and assemblies. In order to meet the requirements of the marine industry for equipment grades, parts and components used in marine equipment must be produced with strict design, strict tolerances, ultra-high precision specifications and optimal durability materials.

We have a strong reputation for providing high quality CNC machined parts for marine applications. Specialist enclosures, deck and pipe fittings, couplings etc.

Marine Industry

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