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Steel CNC Turned Component

Material: Aluminum, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic (Nylon, PMMA, Teflon etc.)
Dimensions: According to the drawing or samples
Processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC turning, Grinding machine, CNC Milling machine, Drilling machine etc.
Surface treatment: Polishing, Plating, Anodized, Heat treatment, Inactivation, powder coating etc.
Packing: PE bag, Carton, Wooden box
Samples: Available in 7-20 days for different items
Inspection equipment: CMM (Coordinate measuring machine), Projector, Caliper, Micrometer, Roughness tester, Hardness gauges etc.
Service Items: Product design, production, technical support and after-sales service, mould processing and development etc.
Service: Warm and quick response provided by professional sales team with many years’ experience of handling exportation to the US, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions


Our Advantage

1.  We not only have the world of high-end DMG five-axis linkage machining center, the five-axis linkage turning compound double spindle machining center, compound turning machine, but also have more than 30 sets of processing machines from Japanese and Taiwanese brands.
Our testing equipment are imported from Japanese brand, such as high-end automatic three coordinate measuring machine, the two coordinate measuring machine, high-quality height gauge and roughness measurement etc.
2.  The most important point, we are the entity factory, not trading company. Price is the composition of the actual product quality price. Quality can guarantee more controllable higher than trading company.




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